About us


The mission of the Marie St-Jude Foundation is to help families, seniors and young people in difficulty promote their dreams of different kinds. This may be the acquisition of a heritage to leave to the children; it may be development projects that would serve to enhance the Canadian economy; But that the opportunities to realize them are virtually non-existent in their lives. It can also be seniors looking for a residence or foster home to sell or dispose of their big houses.

We are present to fill the lack of supervision if this person did not have children and grandchildren to coordinate the personal business and the last days of that person.



Generally, young people who do not have the opportunity to continue their studies have projects to develop but do not have the capacity to develop such initiatives. Our foundation will put at their disposal all necessary resources such as: adequate funding, materials required and all that is required to realize and realize its dreams.


One of the most critical issues facing families today is that after a few years of monthly payments on their properties, they are no longer able to keep and following a disability, loss of employment or other uncontrollable events that could arise in daily life.

Our foundation will be there to mentor these people at sixty days' notice to save their heritage for succession. This will help a lot to keep their property without needing to move in the event that a disability, we will provide all the financial resources for and a psychological and moral framework in order to get through these difficult times.